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St. Oswald's Church


Cheshire, CW5 6DP

Our Services

	 7th Aug	11:00am United at Worleston
	14th Aug	11:00am United at Church Minshull
	21st Aug	10:00am United at Acton
	28th Aug	11:00am United at Wettenhall
	 4th Sep	No Service


Resources to enable you to worship wherever you are can be found here.

Church Officers

Vicar: Rev Anne Lawson
Tel:01270 628864

email: revanne@uwclub.net

Isobel Burnley 01270 624521
Ann Nicholas 01270 528273
Mr. M. Alexander 01270 624404
Mrs. Isobel Burnley 01270 624521

PCC Treasurer: David Booth 01270 627277

Rev.Ann Lawson

Rev. Anne Lawson

Service Pattern at St Oswald's

From January 2020, because of diminishing attendance, the PCC have decided to hold services once a fortnight, rather than every week. Initially this will be for an experimental period of 6 months. Services will continue to be at 9.30am, but will be held only on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. Weekly services will continue to be held in the other churches in the Cross Country Parishes group as usual. In accordance with Church law there will always be at least one Communion service somewhere in the Cross Country parishes each Sunday. Special Services such as Christmas and Easter will continue to be held in St Oswald's even if these fall on a Sunday when there would not otherwise be a service.

Worleston Church

Our church was rebuilt in 1997 after a major fire. Now as you can see it is a bright, light building providing up to date facilities for worship and social activities.
These two images were taken at the Queen's 60th Jubilee.

Inside Church

Would you like to be married here? It is possible and the nearby Rookery Hall or Reaseheath College could provide a venue for your reception.
There is also a new Village Hall which could host your reception

Special Services / Events

The school and church marking Remembrance Day 2020

Baptisms and Funerals
Should you wish to be baptised at St. Oswalds or to organise a funeral or burial service please contact either the Vicar or one of the Church Wardens listed at the top of this page.

Chester Diocese
Are you interested in the wider Anglican Church?
For more information visit the Chester Diocese website

Our School
Near to the church is Worleston CofE Primary School.
Visit the new Worleston School Website
There is close co-operation between school and church

Church Magazine

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Old Church Magazines

The Wardens now have bound copies of magazines from the 1930ies.
Below is a sample from January 1932.
If you would like to look at the bound copies please contact the Wardens.