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Frequently asked questions

Q: Can we get married at St Oswald’s Worleston?

A: Yes, we'd love you to get married here. We have a very attractive church with a congregation which loves having weddings in this church. There are some legal qualifications. In order to get married in a Church of England church you have to live in the parish or have a ‘Qualifying Connection’ with the chosen church, such as your parents being married there for example.

Q: What is a Qualifying Connection?

A: There are a number of ways of establishing a Qualifying Connection, probably the most used is by you becoming a regular worshipper at the church you wish to marry in. To visit the Church of England website for full information Click here

Q: What do you mean by regular worshipper?

A: You are expected to attend most weeks, we do understand that you may live some way away, and have commitments at weekends with work shifts. We ask you to attend for not less than every three weeks for not less than nine months before your wedding. (One of you can attend if you cannot always come along together.) This enables couples to fulfil the requirement to attend regularly for six months prior to reading of the Banns, three months before the wedding. This gives you a chance to get to know the church and the people here; many couples like to bring their parents sometimes so they can see the church too. It also gives us a chance to get to know you, and answer any questions you may have. Many of our wedding couples really enjoy coming to church here!
We have a book to sign at the back of the church which we ask you to sign whenever you attend a service. We do this simply as a record that you have worshipped here.

Q: What’s the first step now?

A: First of all, we need to agree the date and arrange a first meeting. Before confirming your reception booking please contact Rev'd Anne Lawson or phone 01270 628864 to see if the church is free on that date. Once this is agreed, then it will be in our diary and you can start to plan your day.

Q: What will the wedding cost?

The fee for the wedding service (which includes the vicar and the marriage certificate) is agreed by Parliament. The 2014 fee is made up of legal and church fees and comes to £626.

Q: What about church bells? A choir?

A: Unfortunately we do not have a church choir at St Oswald's. (If you want a choir to lead the singing, this can sometimes be arranged; there is an additional cost for this.) We have very good electronic bells (not bellringers) and would happy for these to play before and after the wedding service; no charge is made for this.

Q: Can we take photos?

A: Yes of course, though we do ask that there is no flash photography during the service. There will be plenty of opportunity to take photos after the service. If you wish to make a video recording of the service, this will be fine but we are obliged by law to make a performing rights charge of £69 for this.

Q: Flowers?

A: Yes, you are welcome to bring and arrange flowers; alternatively we can recommend local flower arrangers. One of the many advantages of St Oswald's is that the church is very pretty inside without needing a lot of flowers – why not come and have a look and then decide? If you do choose to have a pedestal flower arrangement, you are of course welcome to take it away after the ceremony to the reception. (The church also has two artificial rose trees, if required; they can go outside or inside the church.)

Q: Is there anything else we have to do to make the marriage legal?

A: The Vicar has the same legal powers as the Registrar does at a Registry Office, and you will receive a copy of your wedding certificate immediately after the service. You do need to tell the Vicar if either of you has been married before, and if either of you is not a UK citizen – the process for these cases is different and will be explained when you contact the vicar. They do not have to be a problem.
You also have to arrange for your 'Banns' to be read. [i.e. your names and intention to marry are read out in the church at the Sunday service for three consecutive weeks during the three months prior to your wedding.] We arrange that at St. Oswald's for you and the fee is included in the figure above. They also have to be read out in the local church where you both live if you do not live in Worleston parish. They give you a 'Banns Certificate' to say they have been read and that no objection was raised. It is your responsibility to arrange this and give the certificate [s] to St Oswald's we cannot marry you without that/those certificate. There will be a fee payable at the church of £34.

Q: What about music for the service?

A: We have a church organist who plays at all our wedding services. The hymns of course are chosen by you; we are happy to make suggestions if you wish. The organist will also play appropriate music before and after the service (for the entry of the bride, and the procession out afterwards), and during the signing of the register; please let the Vicar or the organist know if you have any particular requests.
Sometimes, wedding couples like to invite a singer or musician to perform while the register is being signed. Please talk to the Vicar if you would like to arrange this.

Q: Confetti?

A: Yes, we are pleased for you to have confetti if you would like. However, we do ask that your guests throw it as you leave the church grounds (by the pretty gate) rather than in and around the church itself.
Q: Anything else I need to know?

A: We understand some think it traditional for the bride to arrive a few minutes late. We ask the bride to arrive at the church five minutes before the start time of the service. This gives time to have photo's taken, meet the vicar at the door of the church, and prepare yourself for the service. You would still be a few minutes late starting the service with that timetable!!– Your guests may have travelled a long way and made an effort to get here on time – and anything longer than a few minutes causes bridegrooms great stress!

Q: Do we need an interview with the Vicar?

A: Yes. The Vicar will meet you early on –This allows us to check we have all the details correct, such as names and dates and answer any initial questions you may have. About 3 months before the wedding you need to arrange a further meeting with the vicar. At this meeting, we will discuss the marriage service and answer any questions you may have about it. We will also talk about your hopes and expectations for your marriage. I might even mention God!

Q: Where can I find out more?

1. Ask the Vicar.
Please contact Rev’d Anne Lawson Email Tel: 01270 628864

2. Website – Take a look at the Church of England website for weddings: the link is ; click on the purple tab marked 'Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals', and then click on Read More under the 'Weddings' box in the middle of the page. Also try our website on
And yes, we have a toilet at the church!

Rev’d Anne Lawson, Vicar, Cross Country Parishes, including St Oswald's Worleston

May 2014